3 Key Steps For Managing Your Money & Starting To Build Your Wealth


As you start to gain your financial footing in your 30s, you need to start to think about more than your weekly or yearly budget; you need to start thinking about how you plan on building your long-term wealth. #! Have a Plan to Get Out of Debt First, if you have debt, you need to have a plan for getting out of debt. That doesn't mean that you focus on getting rid of your debt at the cost of building your wealth.

11 January 2019

How To Start A Strategic Partnership Off On The Right Foot


When trying to grow a successful company, you will eventually be required to work with another company to form a strategic partnership. You may need to work with another company that will leverage their brand to help you receive more exposure. For example, if you have developed a new technology, you may work with a business that will be the first to implement this technology. By doing so, and by having your brand associated with that company, your own brand will seem more prestigious simply be being associated with an established brand.

12 April 2018

3 Of The Biggest Money-Wasting Things To Avoid As A Young Adult


The health of your financial future rides on making good and wise decisions with your money when you are a young adult, but young adults are fairly notorious for making huge money mistakes. At a time when you are likely fresh out of college and getting your adult life on track, it's easy to spend money in ways that really will not matter in the long term. Of course, everyone spends a little unwisely on occasion, but avoiding financial demise means making sure you know how to make conscious spending decisions.

27 February 2018

3 Costly Mistakes People Make During A Money Crisis That Drastically Changes Their Financial Health


Whether you are a trust fund baby and set out in life with a lot of money or you work to build your own wealth with time, it is still not uncommon to run into financial problems at some point and be faced with some really tough decisions. There are always things that can take place that greatly affect how much money you have and how you will get by, from a change in employment to a divorce and everything in between.

18 December 2017

3 Things To Understand About Medigap Plan Costs


If you qualify for Medicare, you also qualify to purchase a Medigap plan or other Medicare supplements. A Medigap plan is a supplemental form of insurance that steps in and helps you pay your coinsurance, deductible, and copayments that you have to pay out-of-pocket for Medicare Part A & B. Your coinsurance, deductible, and copayments can really add up, and Medigap is an affordable way to cover those expenses. However, Medigap plans are not free.

2 November 2017

2 Things to Try Before Filing Bankruptcy


If your finances are best described as "a mess" and you are struggling to pay bills, then you might be considering filing for bankruptcy. But while filing for bankruptcy may seem like an easy way to hit reset on your financial life, it is a very long and involved process that will negatively impact your credit score for many years. If there is a way you can possibly get your finances in order and avoid bankruptcy, it's usually wise to do so.

25 July 2017

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your 401(k)?


You have a set amount of money deposited into your employer backed 401(k) program every month. In fact, you've done this for more years than you can count and it seems to be working, so you're all good. The reality is that you might be doing yourself a disservice. Getting the most out of your retirement savings plan requires a far greater effort. Make sure you know what to do.

21 February 2017

Establishing A Budget? 3 Tips For Remembering All Of Your Expenses


If you're trying to get a handle on your financial situation, you must have a budget. It's the foundation of all financial planning. Without one, you don't know if you're making more than you spend, if you can really afford a new car, or how much money you can divert to savings. Fortunately, creating a budget is fairly simple; you just have to write down your income and subtract all monthly expenses.

12 July 2016

Invest in Stocks Wisely With These Three Helpful Tips


With how easy it is these days to access the internet, anyone and everyone can trade stocks with the hope of striking it rich in the near future. However, it is also just as easy to trade yourself into debt. First time investors make many common mistakes that are detrimental in the long run. Below is a list of the most common pitfalls to avoid when buying and trading stocks for the first time.

6 April 2016

Will My Tech Investments Be Part Of A Bubble?


When trying to decide what to pour into your mutual fund, you will need to be cautious with bubble sectors such as the tech sector. But these types of sectors can still generate high returns if you have good timing. There are a few factors you will need to consider before adding tech to your mutual fund. The Technology Sector Can Have High Minimum Investments Investing in the tech sector can be very expensive, with minimum investments often at $100,000.

30 October 2015