How To Start A Strategic Partnership Off On The Right Foot


When trying to grow a successful company, you will eventually be required to work with another company to form a strategic partnership. You may need to work with another company that will leverage their brand to help you receive more exposure. For example, if you have developed a new technology, you may work with a business that will be the first to implement this technology. By doing so, and by having your brand associated with that company, your own brand will seem more prestigious simply be being associated with an established brand.

12 April 2018

3 Of The Biggest Money-Wasting Things To Avoid As A Young Adult


The health of your financial future rides on making good and wise decisions with your money when you are a young adult, but young adults are fairly notorious for making huge money mistakes. At a time when you are likely fresh out of college and getting your adult life on track, it's easy to spend money in ways that really will not matter in the long term. Of course, everyone spends a little unwisely on occasion, but avoiding financial demise means making sure you know how to make conscious spending decisions.

27 February 2018